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With the daily grind accounting for most of our waking hours, it’s difficult for people to unlock their creativity in their daily lives. Whether someone is leading a creative life or they’ve found themselves stuck in the same less-than-inspiring routine, knowing how to tap into the creative lifeforce is a game changer. Anyone can unlock their creativity.

One doesn’t need to be a multi-hyphenate singing, dancing, and painting phenomenon to put their innate creativity to use. Even if someone spends most of the day behind a computer screen, they’ll find that unlocking their creativity unleashes their artistic superpowers. Read on for five ways to get the creative juices flowing.

Get Inspired by Inspiring Yourself

People don’t need to listen to motivational podcasts to get inspired. One should begin the day by inspiring themselves with the self-care and daily rituals that allow them to be the best version of themselves. Whether it is waking up to go to the gym or something less intense like yoga every morning before work.

Don’t Be Afraid of Being Uncomfortable

Growth requires one to leave one’s comfort zone. In order to grow into one’s creativity, it’s necessary to get a bit uncomfortable. This can come in the form of starting a new schedule, forming a new habit, or learning a new task.

Go Off the Grid

Social media and digital devices have their place in people’s lives, but they turn into the enemy of creativity when they become distractions. Don’t hesitate to put down the phone, laptop, and anything else that causes one to get distracted.

Keep Track of What Works

Harnessing creativity consistently requires a routine that fosters creative thought. Pay attention to habits that bring about the most efficient and productive results. Add these to the daily routine to make it easier to tap into creative powers.

Focus on the Positive

It’s no coincidence that the most creative people are champions of positivity. While life deals its shares of blows and negative situations, knowing how to turn these difficulties into positive, life-changing solutions will work to further creativity in one’s life.

Creativity doesn’t happen by accident. Being intentional about transforming into a more creative person is the only way to grow as a creative. Use these five tips to help unlock creativity in your personal and professional life.