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Leadership in a company is very important. Entry-level and middle management need someone to be able to guide them through the process of becoming successful in their careers. Having good leadership skills will promote your employees to becoming essential members of the team and providing the company with a good workforce. Poor leadership skills will end up demeriting the team and the company itself. If you are a leader and you match any of these leadership styles, it may be time to revise your leadership approach.

They are reactive:

Leaders who wait for bad things to happen before they react is not an efficient way to run a business. A leader should be proactive and think of solutions to problems before they become a problem.

They don’t delegate correctly:

There are types of leaders that want to take on everything and not give their team a chance to help. There are also leaders that will delegate too much and are not doing their work. The last kind of leader is the one that will not delegate to the correct employees. They need to understand that billing will not be able to solve an advertising problem.

They don’t communicate well:

Leaders need to be able to communicate with their employees about the work that needs to be done. If a leader just tells an employee to get something done, with no guidelines or previous knowledge on the subject, they are being set up for failure.

They don’t take responsibility:

Leaders have a lot riding on their shoulders, but they should know that comes with the job. Their team is their responsibility and when something goes wrong, they can’t place blame on an individual person. They cannot blame an employee because of the problem, they need to implement a new way to look at the problem and make sure it doesn’t happen again.

They can’t say no:

Being a leader means they aren’t going to be liked by everyone. They make the mistake of trying to make people like them, by compromising on work and deadlines. This will not make employees like the leader anymore, but in turn, make them think they can walk all over the leader. Some compromises are necessary, but as a leader, you need to know when to say no.