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Marat Tsirelson

Philadelphia based entrepreneur.

Ways to Unlock Your Creativity

Ways to Unlock Your Creativity

With the daily grind accounting for most of our waking hours, it’s difficult for people to unlock their creativity in their daily lives. Whether someone is leading a creative life or they’ve found themselves stuck in the same less-than-inspiring routine, knowing how to tap into the creative lifeforce is a game changer. Anyone can unlock their creativity.

One doesn’t need to be a multi-hyphenate singing, dancing, and painting phenomenon to put their innate creativity to use. Even if someone spends most of the day behind a computer screen, they’ll find that unlocking their creativity unleashes their artistic superpowers. Read on for five ways to get the creative juices flowing.

Get Inspired by Inspiring Yourself

People don’t need to listen to motivational podcasts to get inspired. One should begin the day by inspiring themselves with the self-care and daily rituals that allow them to be the best version of themselves. Whether it is waking up to go to the gym or something less intense like yoga every morning before work.

Don’t Be Afraid of Being Uncomfortable

Growth requires one to leave one’s comfort zone. In order to grow into one’s creativity, it’s necessary to get a bit uncomfortable. This can come in the form of starting a new schedule, forming a new habit, or learning a new task.

Go Off the Grid

Social media and digital devices have their place in people’s lives, but they turn into the enemy of creativity when they become distractions. Don’t hesitate to put down the phone, laptop, and anything else that causes one to get distracted.

Keep Track of What Works

Harnessing creativity consistently requires a routine that fosters creative thought. Pay attention to habits that bring about the most efficient and productive results. Add these to the daily routine to make it easier to tap into creative powers.

Focus on the Positive

It’s no coincidence that the most creative people are champions of positivity. While life deals its shares of blows and negative situations, knowing how to turn these difficulties into positive, life-changing solutions will work to further creativity in one’s life.

Creativity doesn’t happen by accident. Being intentional about transforming into a more creative person is the only way to grow as a creative. Use these five tips to help unlock creativity in your personal and professional life.

SMART Goals: Part 2

SMART Goals: Part 2

As mentioned in SMART Goals: Part 1, goals are an important aspect of creating success in your business. Employees and leaders should set up goals to achieve throughout their time with the company. If set up correctly, goals will be specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound. This can help when management looks at the company and the individuals because they can see their employees goals and how and if they are achieving them. In Smart Goals: Part 1 I used the example of “I want to improve my customer service by learning more about communications or by responding to their emails within an hour of when they were sent to improve the company’s customer reviews by 10% at the end of the month.”


What is the goal accomplishing? Is it relevant to the company improving itself? Making sure your goal is relevant is an important step since you do not want to waste your time or energy on something that will not benefit the company or the customers. Since you will both improve the customer service aspect of the company and make the customer happier, the goal above is relevant.


Goals should have a timeframe that creates a sense of urgency but is also achievable. If you do not set a timeframe the goal could go on forever and never be reached because there is no let down if it is not reached. When you are coming up on the last week of the month, the reviews are coming out next week, you have the goal to push you to create a plan to ensure you are giving your customers the best service possible. From the goal above, the goal is the end of the month. It is a reasonable amount of time to be able to create a change in the way employees handle customer service issues.

SMART goals are important to accomplish individual employee goals, which end up affecting the company in whole. Creating meetings with your employees to check on the progress on their goals is beneficial. If an employee is struggling with a goal, management can step in and provide ideas or solutions to help the employee achieve their goals. When the goals are accomplished, employees should set out new ones so they continue to have a purpose to strive for.


SMART Goals: Part 1

SMART Goals: Part 1

As a leader, implementing employees to have goals could be essential to the success of your business. Employees should have something to work for and not just doing the same thing over and over again throughout the day. The goals shouldn’t be the simple “I want to finish my work by the end of the week.” That is not a goal, it is the job they should have accomplished without setting up any goals. So how do you know if the goals your employees are setting are good? They should be SMART goals that are being set. SMART stands for specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound.


Saying “I want to improve my customer service” is not a SMART goal. Wanting to improve your customer service by learning more about communications or by responding to their emails within an hour of when they were sent to improve the company’s customer reviews by 10% at the end of the month is a SMART goal. Specific is the what, why, and how of the goal. Improving your customer service is the what and most people stop here. Learning more about communications and responding to emails is how the employee is going to improve their customer service skills. The company wants better customer reviews is the why. As you can see the more specific you are the clearer your goals are.


Goals should be measurable so you can access the evidence to see if you are achieving the goals. Using the example above, add that you want to have 25 positive reviews more than last month. At the end of the month, you can compare the number of positive reviews your company has received.


Just because goals are supposed to be achievable doesn’t mean you shouldn’t challenge yourself either. They should be in the realm of possibility though. If you don’t have anything to do with customer service, you would not make the goal above. Or if your company only had 100 clients and last month you had 90 positive reviews. There would be no possibility of gaining 25 more positive reviews with that number in your customer base.

Check back to read SMART Goals: Part 2 and learn how to make your goals relevant and time-bound.

About Marat Tsirelson

Marat Tsirelson is a dedicated entrepreneur and business owner in the Philadelphia area.

Marat Tsirelson’s initial interest in the real estate took many turns. In 2002, Marat graduated from the Temple Fox School of Business, but found little opportunity due the unfortunate and devastating events of September 11th. Fortunately, having graduated with magna cum laude, Marat Tsirelson was able to secure a postions with Vanguard Funds. During his time with Vanguard Funds, Marat found that he didn’t feel satisfied with the position and ultimately found an opportunity in residential lending. It was Marat’s first true exposure to the real estate industry.  As the market turned downward in 2008, Tsirelson found himself more and more interested in buying and rehabbing residential homes.  By 2009 he had purchased his first short sale and began rehab. Since then, Marat Tsirelson and the team at GM Home Inc. have completed well over 350 homes and have now entered the multi family space.

After not feeling challenger enough in corporate America, Marat Tsirelson opted to start his own business. Rather than proceed with a very mundane routine and mandate, Marat felt as though he could make a greater impact elsewhere.  Today, GM Home Inc. has over 40 projects and has successfully renovated over 261 homes. Being able to interact with a variety of professionals everyday, and being challenged by those professionals has been beyond fulfilling for Marat.

For Marat Tsirelson, the most rewarding aspect of real estate development has been witnessing the joy that he brings to new home buyers. Marat has also found that taking the time on the design portion of each project is also quite gratifying and rewarding in its own way.

“For anyone starting their own real estate company I recommend having patience. You will  make mistakes, learn from them, and try to remember to set up your projects from the very first day. Remember good input equals good output.”

Marat Tsirelson

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