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Your business is starting to grow and your numbers are looking great for a successful future. But you also notice your productivity is low and so is the productivity of your employees. Productivity can be affected in by many things. Here are a few ways you can stop wasting time during the workday.

Social Media

Social media is a huge distraction from your work. Taking the time to get on your phone and check social media can have your attention stray from your work more than you think. A simple second to check can turn into five to ten minutes. Sometimes you don’t plan to check your social media all day but when a notification pops up you can’t help but look. To combat this need to check the notifications popping up on your phone, put it on do not disturb, turn it off, or delete the apps.


Make a list at the beginning of the week or day laying out everything you want to accomplish. Of course, the list can be changed throughout the day or week since many business days do not go according to schedule. At least with a list, even if you get sidetracked, you have a reference point of what needs to be done and don’t have to waste the time thinking about what you may need to do. Color coordinating your list can also help you see which projects need to be done first and how to prioritize your day.


Most people don’t like sitting through the meetings. Many barely listening to what is going on and just focusing on the clock. So is a meeting about how you can improve your company’s work productivity really helping or is it just another thing that is adding to the lack of productivity? If you have an announcement, send it in an email instead of calling everyone into a meeting. You must trust that the employees are reading your emails and if they aren’t you may need to look at who you are hiring.

Implementing these tactics in your workplace can help your company’s overall productivity and also keep yourself, as the leader, on track. They will not, however, bring your productivity to 100%. Interruptions are normal in a business and harping on trying to make productivity perfect will only lead the business to failure.