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Your dreams finally turned into a business. You are becoming successful enough to bring on more employees to help with the workload. It’s an exciting time where you are going to want to hire right away to continue growing. Your company was attractive enough to investors, now how do you make it attractive to potential employees.

Developing a culture in a company is not only building a mission statement to post on the website. The everyday atmosphere that your employees walk into, is going to be the most important part of not only attracting but also retaining employees. Employees want to feel comfortable in the workplace. Whether you implement a relaxed dress code or a flexible schedule, you want something that potential employees will want to be a part of. You want to make the work employees are doing, thought-provoking so they aren’t bored doing the same mundane thing over and over again. Many employees want to see the potential to grow within the company. It could be from promotion opportunities or learning experiences, make sure you have initiatives like these for your employees in place.

If you live up to your culture and create a good work environment, word will get out. Either from referrals or reviews online, you are getting researched as much as you are researching the potential employees. You want to be known. A few ways to do this is,

  • Partner with education institutions nearby. Campuses are full of potential employees. Represent your business at career fairs to offer internships and full-time positions to students. They don’t have much experience and lack the expectations and training from other careers. You can start fresh with these employees and build them around your culture.
  • As mentioned above, referrals are a key to attracting talent. You have hired employees that are successfully integrating with your business. Their opinions of people are worth a lot. You know they will work well with this person, or they would not be referring them. Meet with your employees to discuss why they referred people and why they think it’ll be a good fit.
  • Create a blog showing the company’s activities and events that will attract people. People can read your company’s values on the website and job posting, but this is a chance for them to see it in action.
  • The technology your company uses is another important factor. You want to keep your technology up-to-date because it will attract tech-savvy employees. You will also be able to offer potential employees a chance to learn relevant technological skills.

Good things take time. You do not want to go on a hiring spree and hire anyone who applies. Take the time to find the right people who match the company’s culture. You want to have quality over quantity. Make sure your employees are going to have the same kind of passion that drove you to create this business.